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Because you will earn a Degree qualification.

When you finish your studies, you will be awarded the Degree in Dramatic Art or Dance qualification, included within level 2 of the MECES (Spanish Higher Education Qualifications Framework).

Because we focus on the market.

The DANTZERTI study curriculum is aligned with current quality and accreditation criteria within the European Higher Education Area. This will provide you with access either to the job market, or otherwise the opportunity to continue with postgraduate studies on various university master's programmes. 

Because there is no other school like this.

One of the things that makes our project unique is the fact that it is an integrated establishment. An ambitious challenge which, although difficult to structure, makes it a true "artistic factory". The establishment of Dramatic Art and Dance courses alongside Professional Music studies will offer synergies resulting in attractive qualitative benefits.

Because of our dedication to in-house productions.

Taking advantage of the school's integrated status, with Music, Dance and Theatre studies existing side-by-side, we aim to develop our own production programme, in which students collaborate with those studying other specialisations. Which means that as you train, you will have the chance to gain experience and experiment with your own ideas or those developed through teamwork with your peers.

Registration deadline

The next entrance tests for those studying in the academic year 2024/2025 are scheduled to be taken in June.


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