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The specific entrance test for Higher Artistic Education in Dance is open to students fulfilling any of the following circumstances:

  • Hold a Baccalaureate qualification.
  • Have completed the university entrance test for those aged over 25.
  • Have passed the maturity test in place of academic requirements, established for access to Higher Artistic Education, or the core section of the entrance test for Higher Level Vocational Training courses.

Study Curriculum

Available for download here.

First year

History of dance I

Anatomy, biomechanics and pathologies applied to dance

Classical dance technique I

Contemporary dance technique I

Movement analysis

Composition and improvisation I

Style-specific creation workshops I

Style-specific analysis and practice of repertoire I

Style-specific performance workshops I

Music applied to dance I

Learning of dance and development

Second year

History of dance II

Physiology and nutrition applied to dance

Classical dance technique II

Contemporary dance technique II

Composition and improvisation II

Style-specific creation workshops II

Style-specific analysis and practice of repertoire II

Style-specific performance workshops II

Music applied to dance II

Dramaturgy and staging

Psychology of groups and organisations


Third course

Philosophy of art

Corporal techniques I

Classical dance technique III

Contemporary dance technique III

Composition and improvisation III

Style-specific creation workshops III

Style-specific analysis and practice of repertoire III

Style-specific performance workshops III

Voice and singing

Interdisciplinary project laboratory I


Fourth year

History of the arts and performance

Corporal techniques II

Classical dance technique IV

Contemporary dance technique IV

Interdisciplinary project laboratory II

Technology applied to dance

Project organisation, management and production II


Research methodology

External practical placements

Final study project




Tools for the performer's creative autonomy

Choreographic innovation in artistic and educational contexts

Traditionally rooted dance

Registration deadline

The next entrance tests for those studying in the academic year 2021/2022 are scheduled to be taken between 14 and 25 June. Registration for these tests will be open until 21 June at 13:00 hours, and you can register by clicking on the following link.


You can download the registration form, curriculum…

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