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TOPALEKUAK (workshops)

Dantzerti, the Basque School of Dramatic Art and Dance, will for the first time organize three performing learning workshops, From 25 to 28 April, , «TOPALEKUAK» organized within the event; the deadline for joining the workshops is open.
The aim of these days is to bring dance and theatre disciplines closer together in order to complete the training of students and expand the training possibilities of the school. To do this, we will have three teachers with a long career and three intensive courses in our facilities. Rafael Eizaguirre, Victor Fernández and Rocío Pindado.

The registration deadline is open to our students (10% of the places are reserved for stage professionals).
From our school, we encourage you to sign up and enjoy this opportunity.
You can sign up until April 8th. For each workshop, a minimum of 10 people must be registered.
Sign up through the INTRANET!
For workshops, as a reservation, each student will pay 10 euros in administration, which will be returned at the end of the course.


Professor: Rafael Eizaguirre
When: 25 and 26 April
Schedule: 15: 30-18: 30
On the first day we will have three axes: the dictionary of basic steps, how to do them and the rhythmic application. We will learn to know sounds and movements through various exercises and rhythmic games.
On the second day, you'll learn a choreography of the steps you learned the day before.
WHAT IS NEEDED: Comfortable clothes and fastened shoes.


Professor: Victor Fernández
When: 27 and 28 April
Schedule: 15: 30-18: 30
This course will teach flamenco concepts applied to students trained and trained in basic stage concepts.
WHAT IS NEEDED: Flamenco shoes or, failing that, street shoes.

Professor: Rocío Pindado
When: 27 and 28 April
Schedule: 15: 30-18: 30
The idea is to approach separation and to know some of the keys to this profession as a channel between creation and exhibition.
Acquire knowledge, tools and strategies to improve the marketing processes of creative processes and visualize our market.