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Dantzerti is the Higher School of Dramatic Art and Dance of the Education Department of the Basque Government, at the service of the community. Our main aim is to provide students with quality higher education. We offer the people of the Basque Country our efforts and experience, linking art and education.

DANTZERTI began operations in 2015 at the Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga conservatory in Bilbao, on Plaza Ibarrekolanda in Sarriko, adapting its facilities and services in line with educational needs.

We provide a higher level teaching service in Dramatic Art and Dance. Our daily task is to train people and future professionals, which is why we emphasise personal skills, aiming to offer an appropriate response to modern society, steeped in methodological innovation and working with new technologies. DANTZERTI is a student-focused organisation, eager to find out and take into account their perspectives, suggestions and ideas. We believe in the contribution made by our professionals, our joint goal being to establish the identity of DANTZERTI.

The purpose of this website is first to fulfil the need to provide information to students, as well as the partnerships through which we undertake our activities. Our goal is to offer our stakeholders an easily accessible and effective resource. We would like to go further, though, by providing all of them with a tool through which they can maintain a more direct and open relationship. Our efforts and bilateral relationships will be the cornerstone of our operations. Aside from the website, DANTZERTI's doors are always open if you would prefer a direct relationship with us, but do bear in mind that thanks to technology, you can reach us wherever you are.